Saturday, August 23, 2008

St Paul's Cathedral

My hotel was a one-minute walk to the cathedral. Consequently, I was able to see it numerous times during my stay; from early light to late night, in sunshine and rain. During the day, tourists swarm over the steps, visiting the church or just sitting down and reading their guide books. Evening is a better time to capture the building without so many people, but I must admit that the crowds actually add to the impression.

Rain won't stop people from visiting.

At night, the area is nearly devoid of people since very few live anywhere nearby and there are few hotels in the area.
If there are few clouds, the evening sky can make for some dramatic images. When the cloud cover is low, the lights from the area cast a strange orange-brown color across the sky. This shot, from Paternoster Square, is a good example.

The lights at night are interesting, but the morning is my favorite time to shoot. In the pre-dawn light, the church and its surroundings have a cool blue that contrasts the warming sky.

Queen Anne stands before the cathedral.
The church was originally supposed to have a clock in each tower. I can't imagine why; a calender, maybe, but two clocks?

Massive columns dwarf the tremendous entrance to the cathedral.
Queen Anne's view is not nearly as interesting as the edifice before which she stands
More photos here.

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SokYou said...

Though I have been to London a few times already, I have never been to St Paul's Cathedral.