Monday, June 30, 2008

London Museum

Having spent a day at the British Museum some years ago, I was anxious to return. Unfortunately, with only a weekend in London, I had to pick and choose where to go and what to do very carefully. I decided to spend my time photographing this impressive atrium.

The spectacular canopy over the Great Court.
I was determined to get some High Dynamic Range photos. For that I needed my tripod and I knew that museums tend to look down on such devices. Luckily, I also know that if I ask permission, I can often circumvent the policy. I sent an e-mail to the museum asking if I could use my tripod. After exchanging a few messages, they agreed to a two-day pass allowing me shoot in the atrium.

The ceiling grid throws unusual shadow patterns on the walls and floors.
I don't know anything about the history of the space, but I do know it makes for some awesome images. I managed to arrive early enough that there were very few people around. This enabled me to photograph the place as a landscape.

Walking up the stairs of the central column is like straddling two worlds of stone.

Along one of the walkways of the central column.
It's not often you get to photograph the tops of columns.

Once everyone started to fill the museum, I concentrated on individual pieces on display inside.

A Chinese porcelain tile panel.
Assyrian bas relief sculpture with beautiful cruciform text.

A Roman nobleman looks out across the atrium.
Great opportunity for practicing portraiture.
Inside the book room.

Some rather garish full size images can be seen here.

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